New product REJUVI

Eyelash Revitalizer van Rejuvi
€ 69,-

Eyelash Revitalizer - produkt
Volle wimpers met Eyelash Revitalizer van Rejuvi Longer, coarser, fuller and darker eyelashes in just a few weeks.

Rejuville Eyelash Revitalizer utilizes unique Herbal Complex with precious vitamins and nutrition to achieve a powerful synergistic revitalization of the eyelash.

  • Herbal complex (Ginseng, ginkgo, polygonum and angelica extract)
  • With Vitamins & Nutrition
  • Nourishes & Stimulates Follicles

Eyelash Revitalizer Rejuvi Application:
Daily use (once or twice – in the morning and at night). Apply the solution to the end portion of upper and lower lash line with the application brush.  May apply to the lash while the eyes are closed.  Make sure to dip completely for the applicator to deliver sufficient solution
Avoid solution getting into eyes.
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