Famous Skincare offers you the Guinot TechniSPA treatment

A slim figure and an elastic skin? An effective solution for the cellulite in your skin?
The Guinot TechniSPA body treatment is THE treatment when it comes to slimming!
This special massage device strenthens the skin and underlying muscles and counteracts cellulite in an optimal way.
Already after the first treatment the skin looks smoother and the treated bodyparts feel lighter.


TechniSPA graphic
Firmness of your skin increases with 35,46%    Size of your femur decreases with 3,44 cm!


TechniSpa treatment Here you see the massage head in
action during a TechiSPA treatment.


TechniSPA massage head The massage head rolls the skin fold and gives a deep skin massage. The fat tissue is released.
TechniSPA iontophoresis Applying the iontophoresis (direct current), the active ingredients migrate deep into the skin and make the fat cells melt.
TechniSPA muscle stimulation  By exercising the muscles the skin is firmed. The microcirculation of the blood is accelerated and removal of waste and fat is enhanced.

TechniSPA: experience it for yourself and make an appointment for a free intake treatment without any obligation!

You are satisfied with your weight, but your skin could be a little tighter and firmer? Then the time has come for the Guinot TechniSPA contour improvement!

TechniSPA is developed by Guinot, and is especially suited for women who want to get rid of the local fat- and fluid accumulation. TechniSPA is a treatment that models, drains and strengthens!

TechniSPA contour improvement is an intensive course in one week. In 3 treatments of 45 minutes each your skin regains its former tightness and firmness, as you were used to have! Your clothes fit better and you feel great!