Together with you, Guinot finishes cellulite!
Guinot has selected the best active ingredients that combat cellulitis and helps slimming!
The results are visible: day after day your body gets more tonus, your figure slims and your skin becomes firmer and smoother.
AgeLogic Minceur -against encapsulated cellulitis.

AgeLogic Minceur breaks down the encapsulated cellulitis, so the active ingredients can remove the enduring fat accumulations.
It enhances the flow in fat cells and combats enduring rounds and smoothes fat accumulations.


Double Minceur – Fat- and fluid removing gel creme.

In order to slim fast and effectively, Double Minceur acts targetedly and specifically on the accumulation of fats and water.
By this combined double action, your figure becomes slimmer and more beautiful.
It enhances the breakdown of fats and drains superfluous fluids.

Gel Jambes Légères – relaxing gel with a cooling effect.

Gel Jambes Légères distinguishes itself by the longlasting working that removes fatigue from your legs that are sensitive to standing for a long time.
Directly after application you feel a beneficent chill that drives out the heavy and tired feeling in your legs.
Can also be applied over a pantyhose.
It has a slimming effect on your legs and ankles.

More info about Guinot bodyproducts?
Just like the facial care products, the use of body care products starts right after getting up!
Guinot body products Tropic Tonic cleans the skin and hair. Refreshes with mango extracts!
Bien Vivre stimulates the skin and gives energy all day long. Has a deodorising effect.
Mousse de Coton cleans the skin softly. Extracts from the sacred Lotus flower and Cotton oil neutralise the drying effect of hard water and calm the skin the whole day.
Hydrazone Corps is airy as a milk and active like a cream. Argan oil feeds the dry and taut skin.
Gommage Facile removes uneven spots and dead skin cells softly. Through the Luffa fibres a new smooth skin emerges.
Huile Satinée attends to the dry and dull skin. This oil contains silk extracts, it strengthens and smoothes the skin.
Longue Vie Corps has a rejuvenating effect on the skin thanks to the cell life complex with 56 different active ingredients. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic and smoother.
Longue Vie Buste strengthens the natural form of the breasts. Serum with 56 active ingredients, recommended after exposure to the sun, after a diet and after pregnancy. Rejuvenates the looks of the breasts by smoothening the decolleté.
Nutrizone Lift softens the skin and gives it a lifting effect. Experience the pleasure of a skin care product that firms the skin day after day and makes the skin feel beautifully smooth.