About my skin:

I have a dry and taut skin: after showering I have to lubricate my skin directly. What can I do best?

In most cases you will have a dehydrated skin. This means that the skin is not capable of retaining fluid optimally. The best way to handle this, is to protect the skin against dehydration during daytime, and rehydrate during the night. Apply a really soft peeling once or twice a week, then a hydrating and restoring mask, and the skin will look much better in a month time. Don’t forget to drink 2 liters of water every day, eat fruit, and make an appointment for a moisture-recovering treatment at your beautician!

What is exactly the difference between a serum and a cream?

Good question. A serum is mostly a thin fluid, with high concentration of active ingredients. A serum deals with a specific problem of the skin, and its working is very intense. A cream mostly has a fuller structure. It contains a lower concentration of active ingredients than a serum, and it lays a thin layer on the skin, thereby protecting it.
For an optimal skin care it is best to use a cream twice a day. If you want to do something extra for your skin, apply a serum first, then the cream.


About my figure:

How does cellulitis start?

Cellulitis starts when the lymfatic system of the body does not function for 100%, because fat cells absorb the waste products. The fat cells enlarge, and a tight fibrous network will form around them. This inhibits the micro-blood circulation, consequently the waste products keep on being absorbed by the fat cells. So cellulitis is the result of accumulation of fat deposits in the dermis.

What are the causes of cellulitis?

Firstly: feminine hormones. Men hardly ever get cellulitis. Genetic factors also play a role. But lifestyle has a large influence on the amount of cellulitis. Influences are: excessive eating and alcohol use, stress, lack of movement, cafeïne and soda drinks, smoking and drinking too little water.