How does my skin look after an IPL-treatment?

That depends on the sensitivity of the skin. Often the skin looks a little red directly after the treatment, but in most cases this will go away in about one hour. We do an aftertreatment with a soothing lotion. 

Must the hairs be long before an IPL-treatment?

That is not necessary. You can shave up to 24-36 hours before the treatment. Skip a small piece here and there, so we can judge the colour and thickness of the hair. This is necessary to adjust the IPL-device. Right before the treatment we will go over the area with a disposable razor blade.

I do IPL on my lower legs. Can I walk in the sun?

No. Also when just walking in the sun, your legs catch the tanning UV-beams, and pigment will be formed. During the IPL-treatment, the heat of the lightflash is then absorbed by the skin, and the hair roots are not or hardly not reached. So: cover your legs or postpone the IPL-treatment. It will benefit the end result!