Good skin care and visiting your beautician on a regular basis belong together. Discover the joy and effectiveness of a beauty treatment. That privileged moment when all attention is focused exclusively on you, to make your skin even more beautiful, your face more radiant and youthful, or to make your body even more slender and elegant.
We love advising you about the best possible skin treatment for you!

Basis treatment

Are you visiting our beauty clinic for the first time? The best way to start is with the basis treatment, short (60 min) or long (90 min). In this treatment we give your skin a good cleaning, nutrition and/or hydration, a massage and a mask. Also we will advise you about taking care of your skin at home, and about the best skin care treatments in our clinic.

Ultrallergic treatment

Do you have a skin that “can’t stand anything”? Then the Ultrallergic Treatment of Guinot is the thing for you. Your skin is soothed, and trained to react more calmly. Also we will try to find the cause of the problem.


Hydradermie Treatment

Your skin is used to something already? Then the Guinot Hydradermie Treatment is the right choice for you! This star treatment of Guinot renews your skin in just 90 minutes. Especially suitable as a course of three treatments or as a monthly maintenance treatment throughout the year: you will look shining and healthy in all seasons. There are different versions of this treatment, tailored to the needs of your skin and your beauty aims. Your face looks remarkably rested, serene even, and you feel “good about yourself”!


Beauté Neuve – the renewing peeling treatment

Do you want to give your skin something extra in spring and/or autumn? Choose the gentle fruit acid treatment Beauté Neuve of Guinot.
Because of fatigue, stress or aging, the skin loses its radiance and elasticity, and brown spots appear. The superficial layers of your skin tend to be dry, cellular renewal slows and the complexion appears dull and congested.
One Beauté Neuve fruit acid treatment or better yet, a course of three, will remove the superfluous cells and help the skin to breathe again. Cellular renewal is accelerated and you will discover a fresh complexion, more beautiful, more radiant!


Liftosome – lifting treatment

The Liftosome treatment of Guinot is completely renewed! This lifting and affirming face treatment uses a Pro Collagen mask and counteracts signs of aging and fatigue. It is very suitable as a maintenance treatment between two hydradermie treatments, or as a special treatment when you go out for the evening. A course of three treatments is also a good idea!

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Why skin care for men?
Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Research has proven that healthy skin will make you feel better and is an important component to how people perceive you and react towards you.
Daily care is essential to make and keep the skin in a healthy condition. It can help prevent problems in the future such as skin cancer and premature ageing.
The male skin is more sensitive than the female skin. This is caused by factors such as shaving, which disturbs the natural moisture balance of the skin, and may cause small lacerations and inflammation.
Why protect against the sun?
Applying sunscreen is a crucial step in your daily skin ritual and is the most effective anti-ageing cream available on the market. We recommend that you purchase a good quality sunscreen.

Très Homme Hydradermie treatment from Guinot

To bring your skin back in top condition we have the specially developed Très Homme Hydradermie treatment.

The exclusive Guinot treatment consists of the following 4 phases:

Cleaning with demaquillant exfoliant and exfoliation frees the skin of all impurities: The skin is clean, clear and able to breathe.
Application of the Gel Soin Energisant and bringing it into the skin by ionization, repairs vitality and skin tone, and eradicates all signs of fatigue: Energy for the skin.
Delivery of oxygen by the high frequency current revives the dormant skin and effectuates a healthy colour.
A 15 minute massage carried out by experienced hands relaxes the physiognomie, by which your skin looks younger and more elastic.Your skin is again in top condition!

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