Course treatment Infusion Intraceuticals
After a course of six weekly treatments, your skin is hydrated and clear fresh glowing. Fine lines and wrinkels have disapeared!
The coursepackage includes 4 products for ultimate result.
The package contains: cleansing gel, hydration gel, moisture binding cream, contour eye gel.
Price complete coursepackage and 6 weekly treatments € 724,-
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Microdermabrasion course treatment

Three treatments in three weeks, acts on small scars (e.g. by acne), and fine wrinkles.
Amazing results!
Course treatments Guinot
The intensive Guinot treatments have an even better result when applied in a course. The skin is renewed every 30 days. If within this time multiple treatments are given, the result is more intensive and longer lasting.

Hydradermie Lift course treatment

Six treatments in six weeks, including the Energy Lift mask.
1 x Hydradermie lift  (90 min)
4 x short Hydra-lift (30 min)
1 x Hydradermie lift (90 min)

Hydradermie Lift Yeux course treatment

Six treatments in three weeks, including the YEUX mask.
1 x Hydradermie lift yeux (45 min)
4 x short Hydra-lift yeux (30 min)
1 x Hydradermie lift yeux (45 min)

Beauté Neuve

Beauté-Neuve course treatment

Combats cell ageing and brown spots. Gives a youthful complexion.
Three treatments in three weeks. Especially suited in spring or autumn.