Skin before treatment Skin after treatment
Skin before treatment Skin after treatment

The skin is an organ that has mainly protecting functions. The epidermis is formed by about 30 cell-layers on top of each other. Every day a new layer is formed by the basal layer. The consequence of this is that the epidermis is completely renewed every 30 days.
In the daytime the skin condition deteriorates by exposure to UV light, dehydration, mechanical abrasion, wind, and even by using the wrong kind of products.
At night the skin is recuperating. The micro-blood-circulation takes care of entering nutrition and disposal of waste substances of the skin.

A healthy skin is relaxed and unstressed. The microscopic blood-circulation brings the oxygen-rich blood to directly under the skin surface. The skin is healthy, has a good rose colour, and a radiant complexion.

So optimal skin care is aimed at keeping the healthy skin in shape.

When the skin condition has deteriorated, it is necessary to use products that improve the skin condition. We are glad to advise you about the treatments and products that are needed to regain a healthy skin, a skin that has that shining look again!

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