Are you tired of epilation problems, such as a rash after shaving or an irritated skin after a wax treatment?
We have good solutions for you! During an intake interview we offer you some very interesting alternatives.
No more epilation problems and a longlasting smooth skin, who doesn’t want that?

These days there are a number of “stunt-offers” in the market for Permanent Hair Removal. What they do not tell you in their ads, is that the required periods between treatments, necessary to get a good result, are chosen too short. In this way they get the money back that you think you spare, seeing the low prices. Beside this, the annoying effect is that the hairs are not removed by the wrong treatments, but come back thinner. This may even make it impossible to treat you with IPL or Laser. You end up more expensive, and on top of that you cannot get rid of your surplus hair!
Famous Skincare is a market leader in Permanent Hair Removal for many years. We give you honest, LOW prices, with a good explanation during the intake conversation. We maintain the right periods between treatments (different for different body parts). If IPL would not be the right treatment for you, we will tell you. We are able to offer you a number of alternatives.
Our IPL action:
Special price: bikini line € 45,-
€ 35,-
Bikiniline, underarms, low-leg
s € 199,-
Permanent epilation with IPL Surplus hair now gone forever! The method we use to achieve this is called IPL, which stands for Intense Pulse Light. During a free intake interview we give you extensive information about IPL, telling you what to expect, and how to get the best results. Man-IPL

We also give you a number of test flashes in the area that is to be treated. After two weeks the result will be visible. We also give you a quotation tailored to your needs!

IPL is just as effective as laser treatments. The success of the treatment is mainly determined by the skill of the institute that is working with it. Famous Skincare was one of the first institutes in Amsterdam to offer IPL hair removal, and has over 20 years of experience with various hair removal techniques!

The operation of permanent epilation / permanent hair removal with IPL is comparable with the laser treatment, but operates with “normal” light. This is just as effective as laser light, but through the new technology more different skin- and hair types can be treated. It is also possible to treat larger areas such as back and legs.
The machine gives a very short and intensive flash of light through the handpiece. This flash is transferred through the pigment to the hair root, where it is converted into heat. The heat reaches the hair follicle, and makes it inactive.

Only hairs that are in the right growth phase can conduct heat in this way. But not all hairs are in the same growth phase at the same time. Because of this, more treatments are necessary to get a lasting result. The average is six to eight treatments, with an interval of six to twelve weeks in between each treatment. The final result will be a hair reduction of 85-90%. A maintenance treatment is usually necessary once a year. The best time to do this is two months before the summer.

  • The treatment is safe, quick, almost painless and without complications
  • Time between treatments is 6 to 12 weeks
  • All body parts are treatable
  • Treatments give the best result when the skin is not too tanned.
  • So 8 weeks before treatment no sun or sunbed!
  • Two months before treatment waxing or epilation is not allowed. Shaving is no problem.

The terms definitive hair removal / definitive epilation create high expectations. The results are dependent on the colour and diameter of the hair (thick and dark is better than thin and light) and on the skin colour (light is better than dark).

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The mentioned prices are indicative. Prices can be higher or lower. We do not accept liability for price changes and typing errors.