In our clinic hair removal treatments can be waxing or IPL-treatments, and give you longlasting a smoother skin!
Solution for ingrowing hair – prevents and eliminates ingrown hair problems – all skin types and both genders.
Prevent or eliminate ingrown hair problems such razor bumps, after waxing, shaving, electrolysis or laser hair removal.
Combines Salicylic Acid, Papaya  Enzyme, Pineapple Enzyme and Resorcinol for Effective Skin Exfoliation
Combines Allantoin with Licorice Extract for Superior Anti-inflammatory Function and Skin Healing
Utilizes Tea Tree Oil for Antiseptic Cleansing
Suitable for Men and Women and All Skin Types
Apply a sufficient amount daily, preferably at night. Improvement will be noticed in 10-15 days
Waxing is done with a soft wax, that is applied to the skin and removed again using a strip. After this, the skin is calmed with a special oil or a serum containing Bulbaïne, a growth-inhibiting substance.
IPL-treatments do not take much longer time then waxing. At first, the skin is cleaned and shaved. Then the handpiece is put on the skin and the flashes are given. In one flash 10 cm2 skin surface is treated. After the flashes a calming lotion is applied. Click here to find out more about IPL.
At Famous Skincare hair removal treatments are very affordable! Find out about prices
Hair has a number of different functions. It provides insulation against cold temperatures, and with some animals, against heat. The human body hair does not have a clear function, because man has too few hairs to keep him warm or to cool him down. Goose pimples are a phenomenon of the former insulating function of body hair. The human hair of the head has mainly an aesthetic function.
Every human body is covered with vellus hair: a thin, colourless and hardly visible kind of hair. Because of the increase of androgens during puberty, in some places the vellus hair changes into terminal hair. The volume increases, the hairs become heavier and get more colour. Exactly what changes, and how these changes take place, is dependant on gender, genetic setting, hormonal status and age.
Whether hair is seen as normal or abnormal is not only dependant on medical, but also on social apects. Acceptance and attitude to body hair is different in different cultures. In some cultures hair is displayed as a gender feature, but elsewhere a hairless chest is seen as ideal. During the last decades epilation is increasing in western cultures.